About FLE Custom HVAC Modifications

A Legacy of Good Service

Providing superior HVAC Modifications, FLE was established on Jan. 1, 1976, by Dan Schwartz, its current President. Dan apprenticed for years under the mentorship of his uncle, Erwin L. Beardslee, at Beardslee Refrigeration. Beardslee Refrigeration and Erwin L. Beardslee, without question, had the best reputation in the region for quality, honesty, and integrity in the HVAC-R service business. Erwin’s retirement in 1975 spurred Dan to begin his entrepreneurship era with Finger Lakes Engineering. From 1976 to 1981, Finger Lakes Engineering grew from a one-man service operation to the largest refrigeration service company in the area.

In 1984, at the recommendation of the General Manager of Carrier Corporation Northeast Distributors, Dan attended a Carrier Corporation seminar presented for outside vendors. During the seminar, a manager for Carrier Commercial Marketing brought up a problem with the 26-week lead time on “Carrier 5 Line Units.” Dan remarked that a two-week lead time on this product would seem much more reasonable and quite feasible. That interchange of ideas brought about the change in the focus of Finger Lakes Engineering from a service company to a manufacturing company.

Thus, FLE began building the first 5 Line Units for Carrier Corporation, using just a copy of the cover of the “Iron Horse” brochure. From that point on, activity increased. Finger Lakes Engineering became the private label vendor for the units, and they are now offered as a standard item with a four-week lead time, though many are produced and delivered much sooner.

Over the past 30 years, Finger Lakes Engineering developed as an organization that specializes in manufacturing not only many Carrier products, but also manufacturing and modifying products for many other major manufacturers. We build several “lines” and provide thousands of modifications and custom packages annually to major HVAC-R manufacturers worldwide.

After much thought about our future path, we have decided to change our name from Finger Lakes Engineering to Finger Lakes Environmental, to better describe our mission to provide products that will help enhance and improve our client’s environment. We are constantly testing areas that will utilize less energy and enhance a “green” environment for our customers.

Our Mission

Finger Lakes Environmental’s manufacturing capabilities exist to provide our customers with a method of fulfilling their needs for customized, modified, and specialized air conditioning and refrigeration equipment and accessories.  Finger Lakes Environmental prides itself most on its commitment to quality. It is our goal and desire to see that every unit that leaves our building reflects positively on the abilities of our company and provides solutions for our customer’s problems. We pay the utmost attention to detail, at the same time keeping in mind the customer’s need for timely delivery.  We conduct and manage our business by adhering to the “Golden Rule.” Treat the  customer as we would want to be treated. It is our pledge to perform honestly, reliably, respectfully, and with integrity in all of our business relationships.  Finger Lakes Environmental stands behind its commitment to quality, a commitment that extends to its customers, employees, environment, and country.