HVAC Modification Services

If the HVAC-R unit that rolls off the production line needs changes to suit your customer’s application, Finger Lakes Environmental can help with its full menu of modifications. Finger Lakes Environmental can also work with you to create solutions to your unique challenges.

Why choose Finger Lakes Environmental?

  •  Quality is the No. 1 priority.
  •  We answer questions and quote requests promptly.
  •  We accommodate quick turnaround needs and can shift priorities rapidly.
  •  We design and fabricate systems to meet specifications without time-consuming multi-level corporate  requirements.
  •  Our finished products lend themselves well to maintenance and repair requirements, and are at the same time   aesthetically pleasing.
  •  We handle most phases of projects in house.
  •  Change order requirements are handled in a prompt and easy manner.
  •  We have access to almost any level or type of expertise.
  •  We are customer-driven and individually accountable.
  •  We are familiar with most major manufacturers products and procedures.

Quality Policy

Quality is defined by our customers and it is our responsibility to seek out, quantify and heed that definition. We look through our customer’s viewpoint at all of our actions and commitments. We will renew our dedication to providing satisfaction in all of our products and services as often as necessary to remove any tendency toward complacency. By always accepting the challenge to improve, we provide extraordinary flexibility and willingness to be partners with our customers, and reliable allies in their campaign to meet objectives.  Each interaction with any of our customers should reinforce trust and create a recommendation for future business.